【node.js、react、Linux(CentOS)】We are looking for an experienced Cloud Deve...

【node.js、react、Linux(CentOS)】We are looking for an experienced Cloud Development Engineer to join our team. (You can apply from overseas!)

We are looking for a Cloud Development Engineer for a new project at a marine equipment manufacturer located in Yamaguchi Prefecture. You will be able to work at our head office in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture or at our Tokyo office.
This is a joint development with partners in Silicon Valley and Seattle in the U.S., so your IT skills and English will be tested.
We are also looking for applications from overseas! If you are interested, please apply for this position!

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The company has been in business for more than 70 years and is a marine equipment manufacturer that manufactures and sells important parts of the heart and brain of ships. The products are essential for the safe and efficient navigation of ships, and have been installed on more than 7,000 ships to date.

In the future, we will continue to take on the challenge of bringing new innovations to the shipping industry by making full use of the data and digital technologies accumulated since our founding.
We are also active in hiring foreign employees, as we maintain our ship's machinery around the world and have meetings with overseas business partners.
Currently, we have members from China, Mongolia, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, and other countries working within the company.


Basically, you will be working at the head office in Yamaguchi Prefecture or the Tokyo office.
In order to collaborate with our partners in Silicon Valley and Seattle, we may need to travel to the United States in some cases. (1,2 times a year, about 1~3 months)

The basic job is to work under the direction of the leader of the Agile development team.
You will be responsible for the development of new digital products (Coding, Programming, Debug).
In the first stage, technical training support is provided, so you can work in a safe environment.
Depending on your ability, you can be promoted to PM in 1-2 years at the earliest.


企業名 We will inform you after we accept your entry.
業界 電機・精密機器
職種 IT開発・インフラ・BrSE・デザイン
雇用形態 regular employee
勤務地 Yamaguchi Prefecture Head Office or Tokyo Office Available
給与 3,600,000円 〜 10,000,000円 /年
福利厚生 Complete with social insurance.
In the case of the head office in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, there is a dormitory for single employees (dormitory fee: 6500 yen, 7500 yen for a studio apartment type) and a childcare center.
Regional allowance (40,000 yen) will be provided if you work in Tokyo.
応募条件 English Business Level
(At the level of being able to meet with overseas technical partners)

Japanese is a level that does not interfere with living in Japan.

Experience in the development of any of the following
Development experience in node.js, or react, or Linux (CentOS, etc.)
Cloud development experience with Azure, or GCP, or AWS, etc.

採用人数 a few
入社時期 Negotiable
メッセージ We're looking forward to your entry!
選考フロー Interview (3 times)
There is a web aptitude test. It is also possible to take the test in English.
During the interview, we will conduct a technical test and check your skills.
If you have work experience, you can apply for the position if you are currently on an international student visa.
Applicants from overseas are also welcome. In this case, the final selection must be made in Japan.
Transportation and travel expenses will be provided by the company in case of an on-site interview.


【node.js、react、Linux(CentOS)】We are looking for an experienced Cloud Develop...

We are looking for a Cloud Development Engineer for a new project at a m...

Yamaguchi Prefecture Head Office or Tokyo Office Available
3,600,000円 〜 10,000,000円 /年



4,500,000円 〜 5,500,000円 /年


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3,100,000円 〜 5,020,000円 /年