Free Career Counseling

Free Career Counseling

Specialist advisors for foreign job seekers will help you find a job.

Free job search consultation

  • To introduce permanent jobs to people who are thinking of changing jobs
  • Who can't find a matching job.
  • Who want to find a job in a hurry.

Please feel free to contact us for more information!


(What I can't do.)

  • Introducing a part-time job or internship.
  • Introduce specific skills and apprenticeship jobs.
  • Questions about visas such as "Can I get a visa?"

Career Advisor

Tom (Tatsuya Tagami)
I am responsible for the marketing of ASEAN CAREER, which has 10,000 members. I have been involved since 2014 in job-hunting and career change counseling for international students and foreign employees who are working hard in Japan, and in the forefront of foreign companies hiring foreign nationals, with a track record of matching around 50 people a year. I try to communicate clearly and value the thoughts of job seekers and their time every day. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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