【Arabic+Japanese+English】Customer Support@Osaka

【Arabic+Japanese+English】Customer Support@Osaka

■2 million registered members, 700,000 proxy purchases, 1.3 million transactions on Yahoo!
450,000 items delivered to 150 countries: We deal with various international shipping companies such as Japan Post (EMS, airmail), DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc., and deliver about 450,000 items to 150 countries around the world.
■Supports 19 languages (English, Russian, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, Japanese, Indonesian, Turkish, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Korean).
■More than 350 employees from 30 countries.


international e-commerce industry working to bring Japanese products to the world.


Why We Are Hiring
At the beginning of this year, we had a 23% increase in sales in the Arabic market, and we are expecting to have more growth. Due to the elevated activity, we also plan on seeing more customer traffic on our website, and inquiries about our services. To better care for our Arabic-speaking customers, we are looking for an outgoing Arabic native speaker to join our customer support team, which is staffed entirely by bi- and trilingual members. You will use your native language, Japanese, and English skills, to link Japan with the Arabic-speaking world.

◆Duties Include

・Responding to customer inquiries
・Coordinating with various teams to answer customer questions and solve customer problems
・Supervising part-time operators
・Other related tasks(Translation, etc.)

◆Example Day at Work

9~10 Morning routine: Get coffee, say hi to everyone, and check your messages from the day before.
10~12 Catch up: Handle outstanding tickets that came in overnight
12~13 Lunch Break
13~14 Squad up: Help out other departments with minor tasks and translations
15~17 Chat Support: Handle customer questions and concerns
17~18 Wrap up: Chat with your overseas operators and answer any questions before going home for the day.


企業名 エントリー後お知らせいたします。
業界 サービス
職種 法人営業(国内・海外)やマーケティング
雇用形態 正社員
勤務地 Osaka, Japan ※This position requires to come to the office. We currently don’t allow remote work for full-time positions. ※将来的に就業場所が変更される場合があります。詳細は面談時にお伝えします。
給与 3,500,000円 〜 4,000,000円 /年

Bonus twice a year (June and December)
Commuting allowance, Overtime allowance
Commuting and transportation expenses (up to 15,000 yen per month)

福利厚生 ・Raise once per year
・Transportation Allowance (Up to 30,000 per month)
・Overtime Pay (Paid by the minute)
・Unemployment Insurance, National Health Insurance, Worker’s Accident Insurance
・Business casual dress code(No suit required)
・Company events (company trips, drinking parties, etc.)
・Language lessons
・Support for qualification acquisition
・Support for club activities
・Free drinks
応募条件 【必須条件】
◆Must Have Skills
・Native Level Arabic
・Business Level Japanese(JLPT N2 or higher)
・Business Level English

・Someone with good communications skills, with experience working in an office and brings a positive attitude to their work
・Someone excited to grow with us and ambitiously as we continue to expand
・Someone able to cooperate with people of many different ages, nationalities and backgrounds in a professional setting.

◆Visa requirement
・Applicants must possess a valid visa that permits work or employment in Japan.

◆Preferred Skills
・Experience working in small to medium-sized companies
・Experience working in e-commerce companies or working as customer support
・Basic knowledge of HTML
・Other language skills
採用人数 1
選考フロー ①Screening


②1st Interview (with the Recruiting team)


③2nd Interview (with the Customer Support team)


④3rd Interview (with the Company culture team)


【海外営業】韓国語・中国語歓迎:外国籍社員比率80% ・グローバルな設備メーカー@東京

・母国語(中国語・韓国語)活かせる ・海外営業未経験可 人柄重視採用 ・...

東京都千代田区 ※将来的に就業場所が変更される場合があります。詳細は面談時にお伝えします。
4,000,000円 〜 10,000,000円



三重県四日市市 ※将来的に就業場所が変更される場合があります。詳細は面談時にお伝えします。
3,500,000円 〜 4,500,000円 /年


■2 million registered members, 700,000 proxy purchases, 1.3 million tran...

Osaka, Japan ※This position requires to come to the office. We currently don’t allow remote work for full-time positions. ※将来的に就業場所が変更される場合があります。詳細は面談時にお伝...
3,800,000円 〜 4,000,000円 /年